Created by A.Cecilia Gonzalez for Revolutionary Love on 10/12/2010

Group Goal : $20,000.00

Amount raised:

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Revolutionary Love

Hello Friends!

I’m raising funds for a very special cause and need your help to attain my goal. With your purchases, I will be able to shop from the official online PETA catalog
(you can take a look of what I am planning to buy in the PETA's website:

Desired items for me to buy from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)to give them as gifts in my home,college,community and everywhere possible for this year's Christmas holiday are the following:

-Literature ( books, dvds, leaflets, posters, booklets, stickers, guides to become an activist)

- Clothing and Accessories ( t-shirts, bracelets, dog tags, bags)

-Humane Home Products ( Animal Rescue Car Kit)

- Personal and Beauty ( Cruelty-Free Lip Balms)

I am asking for your help becasue animals need us to raise our voice to defend them, we need to take action and spread the word about Animal Rights. We cannot abandon them, we are their only hope.

You can purchase or renew subscriptions to your favorite magazines (like People, All You, TIME and Sports Illustrated) at up to 85% off, or enjoy exclusive offers on eCertificates.

Each time you make a purchase, I’ll receive up to 40%. You can also support me by sharing this page and spreading the word to friends and family.

Thank You!

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